Development Philosophy of Convenient House

Takasaki Co., Ltd. has accumulated decades of experience in architecture and interior design, through various construction cases.

In recent years, the sharp rise of house prices and the exaggerated increase in good prices and costs have made it impossible for young people under middle age to afford a house loan, and climate changes and earthquakes have frequently occurred. Therefore, in mid-2013 Chairman Hong decided to start the design of a kind of house which can be lived long and safe, is fireproof, recyclable and reproducible, and also can be quickly assembled and disassembled as well as rapidly moved, moreover it can reduce the damage to surrounding land environment, and can be provided to remote areas for popular use at an economic and fair price. With such a sublime belief, and after numerous designs and revisions, the design draft of the house was finalized at the end of 2016. After another 8-month meeting with patentees, he finally got the patent certificate in 2017, which laid his confidence on the product, and he began to actively seek suppliers. Unexpectedly, many factories told him that processing is difficult and cost is too high because of requiring manual processing, so mass production is simply impossible. Not knowing how to do next, Chairman Hong decided to re-modify the design in order to meet market requirements. After testing and modifying dozens of times, the first proofing mockup was finally achieved in early 2018.

It is finally ready for mass production in mid-September, and now we are ready to build an inexpensive and long-lasting house for our clients.