Complete modular design

Plastic tiles or steel tiles can be added. The modular design allows the length to be unlimitedly extended, balcony depth to be changed as needed, and provides side doors that can be adjusted to any position, as well as push windows and compartments to suit different needs.

Complete modular design allows components to be easily transported to everywhere in the world.

The easy and quick assembly method makes you able to complete the whole installation within only one day.

Unlike traditional prefabricated houses, the Convenient House can be quickly disassembled and assembled, and moved freely. The size of the space is planned by professional interior designers. The length, width and height inside the house are quite sufficient, so the living space is completely un-oppressed; in addition, the living quality and comfort of the house are no less than those of an ordinary house, so it is a best alternative for modern people who like to stay in a cabin or camper for vacation in holidays.

With modular door and window design, you can change the position of door frame, and you can also connect with neighboring units to achieve horizontal connection.