Best alternative

Unlike traditional prefabricated houses, the Convenient House can be quickly disassembled and assembled, and moved freely. The size of the space is planned by professional interior designers. The length, width and height inside the house are quite sufficient, so the living space is completely un-oppressed; in addition, the living quality and comfort of the house are no less than those of an ordinary house, so it is a best alternative for modern people who like to stay in a cabin or camper for vacation in holidays.

If you want to own a holiday cottage, it can be completed in 1 day! One vendor has designed the Convenient House. Compared with ordinary simple prefabricated houses or sheet metal houses, it has a sense of design and its space can be lengthened easily as needed because all of its walls and floors can be disassembled. In fastest case, a space of about 5 pings (approximately equal to 16.53 square meters) can be constructed within one day, but its price is not cheap because all the materials used are fireproof and all the walls are also equipped with insulation blanket; however, there are other fast prefabricated house vendors who only use wood materials, so the wooden house can be built with only at least NTD 170,000.

Looking around the entire Convenient House, all components including floor and walls are detachable. Constructing a 4 meters long house can be completed in as little as one day, and the price ranges from NTD 560,000 to over NTD 1,000,000. Through the elevating columns, height drop of up to 20 cm can be adjusted to adapt to various terrains and adjust the balance of the House. The design of the appearance presents a simplicity style with a strong design sense, and its layout can also be changed according to requirements. With the recently rising camping wave, even many people want to have their own holiday cottage, so the inquiry frequency is quite high.

There are also other vendors selling fast prefabricated houses, using all-wood materials, selling with the price of a minimum of NTD 170,000. Although the price of our Convenient House is slightly more expensive, but all the building materials used are fireproof and conformable to the requirements for the application of building license and use license, in addition, its appearance is beautiful and safety is high, so many people are willing to pay the bill.