2018 Berlin Design Awards

Project Overview

Takasaki moving house developed by the company is easy to transport and can apply to a whole variety of uses.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator


Project Brief

Lts light components mean that it can be transported via a small pick-up truck to any designated installation site. Lts base can be adjusted to accommodate different types of terrains so as to not be subject to geographical restrictions.
The assembly process does not require large hoisting machinery or huge amoumts of labor force. Electronic tools and a three-man team is all that is necessary complete the installation.

Project Innovation/Need

Our homes are not only aesthetic and practical,They are also able to flame resistant and can withstand high pressure, has passed the CAE structure analysis,capable of withstanding level 10 Beaufort winds.In addition our homes have acquired a new national patent and are even made of fire resistant material 90% is recyclable. In the future we will establish purchasing offices to maximize recycling of materials.

Design Challenge

Not only are insulation layers installed within the walls to enhance insulation.The bottoms of our homes are made of color adjustable ore snap boards,offering the user freedom of adding decorations.
The wall adopt a hollow design boards can be rapidly removed.
Making it convenient to accommodate pipeline installations as well as heat pipes on the floor to meet all living needs.Its assembly is so simple that it offers customers a chance at DIY assembly


Modular design provides the option of infinite expansion of its length,Meeting the costomer’s needs for a change of the depth of the balcony.It offers location-adjustable side door,opening window and compartment to meet different requirements.